A pitiful reason for a post

just links today, no actual Content. expect actual content to resume next week. I’ve had what looks to be a hard-drive failure (and of course I do backups on Fridays, so I’ve lost a week of very hard Work, including a new “Secret Lives” …). any of you who have intercessory powers with the spirits of computing, would you use them to plead for me? thankfully I have backup computers around the house (that’s only a slight exaggeration) so I am not cut off from the Internet …

Check out Lisa’s fashion 101 policies …

An article from the WashPost about a truly horrific handbag, which costs $52,500. Yes, that’s right, FIFTY-TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS. (Thanks to Jonquil for the link.)

I, um, provided a talk at TED this year (and wore a Duro). If you want to see me talk about the Future! of! Dictionaries! you can check it out here. (Warning, starts playing immediately, with sound.)

And Liz Tran, whose art you saw here earlier this year, is doing a daily dress art project for the next month. Lovely!

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