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Let’s start with the basics, because really that’s what we’re leaning into right now. Our most vital pieces are proving their worth these days, and I love being able to rely on quality pieces like a well-made, well-fitting pair of Levi’s together with an incredibly comfortable, solid-color bodysuit that I’ll get roughly one million wears out of. It’s a step up from sweats for my workday at home, which makes me feel like a real person, while still comfortable. (I wish I were as productive in sweatpants, I really do.) These neutral basics set the stage to add in really whatever accessories you want, or are in the mood for. I myself have been spending a lot of time in Shopbop’s rainbow section as you may have noticed, and honestly what I need right now is a little color.
Rainbow AccessoriesI’ve chosen to layer in rainbow hues in three ways, let’s take it from the top. You know I live for a good headband, and this puffy one by Loeffler Randall takes me back to wearing similar styles when I was a kid, though I’m definitely not going to accidentally leave this one on a jungle gym. Next, a Roxanne Assoulin necklace that’s one of the pieces really leading the charge when it comes to rainbow styles for spring/summer 2020. and all of the bracelets that follow are taking their lead from this hero piece, namely, this matching rainbow enamel bracelet, this rainbow bracelet that incorporates pearls (because obviously) and this rainbow crystal duo. For good measure, I added a couple additional gold bracelets of my own,a nd if you need help in that department, may I suggest this one and this one. SUCH A happy ARM PARTY. 

LOEFFLER RANDALLMarina Puffy Headband

ROXANNE ASSOULINGolden Rainbow Necklace

As far as shoes go, it’s an unexpected season of flats, my friends. but as you know, I love a good flat, I celebrate a good flat, and these Salvatore Ferragamo numbers are a very good flat. It certainly doesn’t hurt that they’re in a brilliant shade of red that’s a welcome sight on days that can easily feel very one-note.
However you’re brightening these socially distant days, I applaud you. I hope everyone is staying healthy, assembling puzzles, reading books, enjoying zoom happy hours and having full conversations with infants… you get the idea. stay safe everyone!

ROXANNE ASSOULINGolden Rainbow Bracelet

ROXANNE ASSOULINPancake Imitation Pearl Bracelet

BAUBLEBARAlidia Bracelet

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