The Hundred Dresses: Day 41

Today’s dress is another Butterick 7513, and as I was looking at these pictures I was thinking “why haven’t I made *this* dress a hundred times?” It has all the lines I really like, including soft side pleats in the skirt:

Plus a roundish collar and kimono sleeves:

Here’s a better look at the collar and buttons. The buttons are vintage. This is before I started my trick of interfacing all collars and facings with silk organza, so this dress is a little under-stiffened in the placket department.

(Here’s my trick for silk organza interfacing: 1. buy silk organza from Dharma Trading. 2. buy this Odif 505 Spray and fix temporary fabric Adhesive. 3. cut out your pattern pieces in the dress fabric. 4. Spray wrong side of cut pieces with 505. 5. press pieces to organza (make sure they’re nice and smooth). 6. cut around edges. 7. treat the stuck-together pieces & organza as one. 8. live happily ever after.)

Here’s the side zip. The dress is hung up on my dressform a bit weirdly.

And the back:


I can’t remember when I made this dress; I bought this fabric (Liberty Schlesinger) in 2007, so it had to have been after that. It’s also a little on the tight side, so I probably made it at the perigee of my normal weight fluctuation, and I know I redid the side zip and added a deeper side-seam pocket at some point, too.

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