NOIRANCA Vegan handbags launches new Collection: It’s All about Femininity and luxury

Being of the most topic choices, eco-brands fashion is one of our favorite topics that is a ideal opportunity for us to create a minimal and certainly sustainable wardrobe.

NOIRANCA, a fashion bag brand with principles and goals with commitment to protecting the environment also stands for uniqueness, sustainability and empowerment, and they rewrite the core elements that make classic bags with the concepts of traceability, transparency and positive consumption.

Their newest collections are featuring five new bags with timeless and stylish silhouettes that embrace diversity and empower women as characters and backgrounds. Camiseta Selección de fútbol de Australia inspired by Frida Kahlo, Miriam Makeba, Lisa Lyon, Althea Gibson and Georgia O’Keeffe, NOIRANCA’s newest 2022 campaign “Cyberfemme” seeks to forge connection with women empowerment, strength and diversity. 

With luxury and timelessness, this collection proves the brand’s vision of blending artisanal craftsmanship and sustainability into one. The power of Camiseta FC Tokyo Cyberfeminism flows through this new collection with a sleek new design, done up with PETA-approved vegan leather made with 58% recycled materials. We are not only saving animals, but also making a positive impact for a greener planet.

The good news is this brand always creates high quality bags in a lot of shapes and designs. Vegan bags are often much more resilient than leather bags. We can purchase at Camiseta Manchester City any price point, but we ought to do research before making a purchase. NOIRANCA invites consumers to shop less often by enjoying long-lived products. Employing environmentally conscious standards and conventional craftsmanship into vegan leather bag designs, NOIRANCA collection is a fashion fulcrum between eco and luxe where its distinct bags embrace all types of women.

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Check out all 5 collections are newly launched and available on site!

MIRIAM – inspired by Miriam Makeba’s “A Poetic Aggression”

ALTHEA – inspired by Althea Gibson with concept of Alpha Power

LISA – inspired by Lisa Lyon with fierce of sensibility

FRIDA – inspired by Frida Kahlo with the force of complexity

GEORGIA – inspired by Georgia O’Keeffe as a blooming wildflower

In conclusion, this collection introduces us with sustainability and raw creativity is certainly a breath of fresh air amidst the chaos of fast fashion and all the passing fads that come with it. To stay up to date about their new collections follow NOIRANCA on Instagram and think about your choices to add to the shopping cart!

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