Today’s inspiring animal graphics

My mood seems to have been oriented towards more alive and concrete designs today – the animal kingdom to be more exact. Today’s inspiring graphics – the animal edition !
First of all I just love everything that uses the owl theme, and I chose another Dr who design, but I promise it will be among the last ones. I noticed there are a lot of people complaining about the overuse of the doctor character. anyway the rest are just animal graphics with some additional personal interpretations from the designers and illustrators. some of them reminded me of the watercolors they gave us to use in primary school and how I never managed to make a perfect drawing. I think the beauty still rests in those careless stains that leave room for interpretation. For this we have to thank design by Humans, and society6:
Today’s inspiring animal graphics !
Egyptian OwlStupidhurt.usSociety6Design by humansSociety6 

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