Aye, Kalumba!

Ebay seller laluthan has, by some arcane process, not only managed to turn up tons of the (discontinued) liberty twill, but also has some of my favorite, favorite patterns available right now, including the “Kalumba” print, above.

So far, I’ve bought this in orange (twice), green/lavender (once), blue (in silk! I can’t bear to cut into it!), and now, the brown/teal here.

The first time I bought some Kalumba (orange #1) I made it into a very simple and comfortable A-line skirt. Unfortunately, I endowed it with insufficient pockets, which FILLS me with remorse every time I pull it out of the closet. (I was so young then, so unworldly! I thought all I needed was my ID, twenty bucks, and a lip balm!) now that I’m older and wiser and carry too many personal electronic devices, I need more pockets, so I plan to make more Kalumba skirts. maybe I’ll even make one in each colorway, and wear them all the time, like Diana Vreeland wearing the same Balenciaga shift dress (but in different fabrics) every day.

I recommend laluthan highly — her stuff is gorgeous, comes quickly, and she’s very good about shipping overseas (fast, too!). and last time I ordered from her she threw in a little scrap of blue twill Kalumba, just because … which is going to make a perfect waistband facing on one of these skirts.

And thank you all, so much, for your sympathetic comments on yesterday’s post. dad never did quite figure out exactly what “that blog thing” was for, but now I think he probably gets it. Obviously, the blog is “for” proving how kind people on the Internet can be; I consider it now established beyond all doubt.

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