I. Love. Stripes.

Seriously. I *love* stripes. particularly ones done like these, on this gown from Anthropologie. (Summerset sent me the link.) click on the picture to get a bigger picture; it’s absolutely worth your time.

Don’t you just like exactly how the chevrons truly accent the waist? I may even break my own “no sleeveless” guideline to wear this …

Of course, the very best thing about this dress?

Pockets!Look exactly how well the pocket welts are set into the stripe. just wonderful. I would have been lazy as well as done side-panel pockets, myself.

It’s $168 at Anthropologie, as well as this is one of those times that I believe that much more than $100 for a gown is most likely worth it. I understand I’d spend much more than $100 in aggravation trying to get this made so nicely!

And besides that talk about exactly how I want to concentrate on yellow, gray, green, as well as infant blue for this spring/summer, red keeps sneaking into my stitching plans. I truly like the red & light blue combo here, as well as I’m now consumed with making a deep teal as well as black Duro with red piping … view this space!

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