Forgive the multiple oooooooo’s and the exclamation point, but really, these should have it:


They’re the Corso Como Rhonda (available from Amazon and anywhere boots are sold; I gotten mine gently pre-loved — and substantially more affordable than list — on eBay). and I loooooves them. (There’s those oooo’s again!)

I didn’t realize when I moved to the Bay area last year how much I would need flat black boots. You see, when it’s pretty much 50 degrees all wintertime long, it’s too cold for bare legs, but slightly too warm for tights. This only leaves knee socks (which I do love, but are occasionally a bit juvenile) and boots. Flat, black boots that opt for everything. (If you’re asking “why don’t you just wear pants,” this need to be your first time here at A dress A Day. Archives are on the right. Take your time, we’ll wait.)

Flat black boots. sounds simple, right? You can’t open a web browser without tripping over a boot sale, this time of year. but the flaw in my boot-seeking plan is that I have big calves. Big, muscular, yeah-I-used-to-play-college-soccer calves. calves that, at 16″ around, are exactly ONE INCH bigger than a lot of boots’ top circumference.

But these beautiful soft, classic boots have two elastic insets in the back. It looks like a cute design fillip, but the two inserts indicate that these boots just Fit, without me having to take them to the magical Boot-stretching Man. (Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful for the magical Boot-stretching Man, but the hassle of “will it stretch?” indicates that I’m normally limited to getting boots on super-super-sale, so in case they don’t stretch I won’t have lost too much time and money.)

So, thank you, Corso Como, for doubling up on elastic. two thumbs up! (And thank you, also, for not draping these boots in pointless metal hardware and wacky straps.)

(Btw, if you have the opposite problem — teeny ectomorphic jackstraw calves — check out the last letter here at Tomato Nation’s Vine for your options. Because, sadly, there’s no magical Boot-shrinking Man.)

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