Not exactly The meeting at Yalta, but close

So, Jen of MOMSPatterns is taking a trip from sunny Florida (VERY SUNNY, as she keeps REMINDING ME) to Indianapolis (STILL WARMER THAN CHICAGO) to meet up with Lisa of The vintage fashion library & miss Helene’s vintage sewing Shoppe! This meeting of sewing Pattern divas is being celebrated by a sale at their sites. They’re using coupon code ‘watchoutworld’ and you will save 15% off your orders starting right now, and it can be used through next weekend. (Lisa can’t do coupons up front at miss Helene’s, so just put the coupon code in your paypal payment, and you’ll receive your 15% back as a refund.) Sale ends Midnight EST on Sunday, March 15, 2009. Also, Jen’s poor hubby will be handling her orders and is running away for the weekend, so orders from MOMSPatterns will be processed Friday night, then not again until Monday afternoon.

Also: terrific NEWS! The Antique Dollhouse of Patterns is open AGAIN! Yay, Penny! I’m delighted your site is back up!

PS: Lisa: have you told Jen she’s going to need one of these?

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